onsdag 5 december 2012

Lucka nr 5 - The first love cookie club

Bakom lucka nr 5 hittar vi The first love cookie club! Jag har inte själv läst denna men det ser onekligen ofantligt mysigt ut på framsidan av boken!

Här är en beskrivning av boken från adlibris:
"The top rules of the First Love Cookie Club: No men. No kids. No store-bought. No gossip.
And no one is going to keep rule #4 now that local-gal-made-good Sarah Collier has reluctantly returned to Twilight, Texas. The once-awkward teenager has become a big-time success with her bestselling kids' books. Now she's come back home to grant one child a very special wish, even though her own heart was once broken by the little girl's father, Travis Walker. This all makes Sarah wonder, even though you can go home again--should you? Every time she turns the corner, the memory of who she was hits her square in the face, and it isn't pretty. But there's magic in Twilight, Texas--the magic of friendship and the magic of love, if only Sarah would open her heart to it. . . . With delicious cookie recipes from the club inside."

Instruktioner för att anmäla sig till tävlingen om julkalenderns böcker finns att hitta här!

Förra året julcitat för lucka nr 5 hittas här!

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